Ryedale and The People’s Declaration

In light of the recent approval of exploratory drilling in Ryedale, Yorkshire, Lewes Against Fracking add their voice to those opposed to the decision.  The news and its implications regarding the potential introduction of the process on a wider scale are deeply concerning and a poor reflection of the state of democracy on both a local and national scale. We are sure however that the people of Yorkshire and around the UK have the resources within them to respond to the situation with the resilience of spirit such a situation requires.  It is a salient signal for all those concerned with fracking throughout the country that we must renew our efforts to see off this retrogressive process wherever it is threatened.  If, like us, you feel that fracking is a dirty industry whose environmental risks are just too high and which would contradict our carbon commitments please sign the ’People’s Declaration’ the text of which is reproduced below.

‘We, as people united across Yorkshire and across Britain, declare that we remain opposed to fracking in Yorkshire, in Britain, and across the world. We know that fracking carries serious risks to local people, to our health, our water, our wildlife, and contributes to climate change.

We are extremely disappointed that North Yorkshire County Council has not listened to the overwhelming wishes of the locally elected representatives of Ryedale and local people and has approved Third Energy’s application to frack in our county.

This decision is not in our name.

We know that Third Energy and their backers Barclays bank are the only ones that stand to benefit from these fracking plans. This application would put at risk Yorkshire’s beautiful landscape and the tourism industry that inspires millions of visitors each year and supports thousands of jobs.

We have a positive democratic vision for Yorkshire and the UK with thriving rural economies, clean air and water, producing the green energy like solar power we need to protect our children’s future, and creating the thousands of green jobs along with it.

We urge and will support the Government to develop a balanced long term energy policy that will achieve our globally agreed climate change targets.

Today we resolve to continue to fight to remain free from fracking, to protect our communities, our beautiful countryside, our air and water, and to protect the future of the planet. We ask people across the country to join us by supporting this declaration.’

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