22nd of October at 7pm,  Lewes Town Hall, High Street. Lewes

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 Director Josh Fox will be at the Lewes Town Hall to introduce this screening and take part in discussions afterwards.

GASLAND PART II, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most important environmental issues facing our nation today. The film argues that the gas industry’s portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is a myth and that fracked wells inevitably leak over time, contaminating water and air, hurting families, and endangering the earth’s climate with the potent greenhouse gas, methane. In addition the film looks at how the powerful oil and gas industries are in Fox’s words “contaminating our democracy”.


Wednesday 30th of October at 7pm All Saints Parish Hall, Hove. East Sussex BN3 3QE


Former oilfield executive Ian R Crane has engaged industry sources and independent researchers to lay the foundations for his investigations into fracking – mining of shale and coal seam gas. In “Fractured Future – It doesn’t have to be this way”, a nationwide speaking tour, Ian asks whether this ‘miracle’ of nature really will be the solution to our nation’s problems? Is it going to be the best thing for us since North Sea gas, or are there hidden dangers which could impact upon communities in ways which need open discussion?

Across the UK, a backdrop of unemployment, national debt and austerity is creating a distraction from more long-term problems. While such issues will take decades to address, the potential hazards brewing in the background, which the wider public remain complacent about, are likely to take centuries to put right. Ian considers whether corporate profits are being put ahead of the health, safety and the well-being of our natural environment. We are subjected to increasing restrictions on food choices and health choices, all in the name of protecting us. We have more surveillance and monitoring to safeguard us, and further restrictions on the media are forthcoming. Are such actions justified, and considering our safety is being seen as paramount in these areas, will fracking be subjected to equal levels of caution?
‘FRACKtured FUTURE’  will provide an understanding of the Drilling & Fracking process along with an examination of the issues which have impacted upon communities in the USA, Canada and Australia as a result of the Shale Gas/Coal Bed Methane industy moving into the area. The UK Government is mounting a media campaign in an attempt to convince the population of the UK that there is NO RISK, yet also offers ‘financial incentives’ to communities embracing the intrusion of the gas companies. Ian presents  irrefutable evidence from the US and Australia and ecourages people to decide for themselves whether this is an appropriate industry for our densely populated island.

Our national debt has risen by 4%, from 82% to 86% of our Gross Domestic Product, despite all the austerity measures put in place – creating a Trillion Dollar Debt. As experts will tell you, once it goes beyond 100% (where UK debt will be more than annual turnover) our problems will escalate. Is fracking a short-term gain for a long-term loss? A credit crunch turned into an environmental crunch, while bankers’ bonuses continue to escalate?

Prior to becoming an Independent Analyst, Ian R Crane had two decades of experience in the oil and gas industry as an executive with Schlumberger Oilfield Services, working and living in the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East & North America




6th of October at 7pm, All Saints Centre, Friars Lane. Lewes

Two nationally recognised experts on Hydraulic Fracturing (‘Fracking’) will cross swords at a debate on the subject organised by Lewes Energy Information Group (LEIG) at All Saints, Friars Walk Lewes on Sunday October 6th 7-9pm. Professor James Woudhuysen of De Montfort University will speak in favour and Professor David Smythe of Glasgow University will speak against.

Fracking is a technique for extracting natural gas and oil from deep underground. Test drilling in Lancashire caused earthquakes in 2012 and a temporary moratorium was announced by the UK government while an enquiry was held. Recently the all-clear was given and a go-ahead for further test drilling, which has been taking place in Balcombe near Haywards Heath over the summer.

Some sites near Lewes (Ringmer, Southease and Beddingham) which were drilled decades ago are due to be re-activated. The industry argument in favour of fracking is that it will provide a cheap source of domestic energy with lower greenhouse gas emissions than existing energy sources. Concerns expressed by opponents include the contamination of ground water, spillages of harmful chemicals, the adverse climate change impact arising from methane gas emissions and the disruption of the countryside as a consequence of frequent truck deliveries to and from the site.

Raphael Kaplinsky of LEIG said ‘Opinion on fracking has become very polarised. The Lewes public deserves a more informed debate on the issues. We hope to provide answers to these questions: Will fracking contaminate our ground water? Will it contribute anything meaningful to our energy supply? Does it make sense financially? How and to what extent will it disrupt local communities? Why is the government subsidising it? How long will the shale boom last and how many wells will have to be drilled in Sussex to produce the targeted output?’


Thursday 11th July – Lewes Against Fracking meeting at Lewes Community Kitchen, 7.30pm.  The Kitchen is in the courtyard of ‘Furniture Now’ at the bottom of the Phoenix Estate, by the Pells ‘canal’.  You can park outside if you’re driving.

Saturday 13th July – Stop the Frack Attack!  Come and make a BIG Song & Dance on and under Lewes bridge, this Saturday 13th July from 1pm to 3pm and show that we will not allow our waterways to be poisoned for the sake of short term profit.

At this time of critical legislatory-precedent for Sussex, for the whole of the Weald and indeed the whole of the UK – we need to spread the word, share information and make a right scene!!!  Bring Banners, Drums & Instruments… be as colourful as you can!

Sunday 14th July – Screening of ‘Drill, Baby Drill’ at Hanover pub The Hanover Pub, Queenspark Road, Brighton, BN3 1JD 7.00pm.  “Drill Baby Drill”, tells an inspirational story of people in Poland and Pennsylvania standing up to the multinational companies who want to frack in their communities.  Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, is taking the film on a tour of the region. After the screening, we will have an open discussion, led by experts and activists, about what fracking means for the South East.  The screening is free, but space is limited so please book in advance. See here for other dates/venues too:

Monday 15th July – ‘Drill, Baby Drill’ with Keith Taylor at Balcombe Victory Hall. Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, West Sussex, UK, RH17 6H, 7.45pm.

Friday 26th July – Film screening and talk.  Further details to be confirmed. Lewes Subud Centre, 26a Station Street, Lewes, BN7 2DB 7-10 pm.


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