What You Can Do

Property owners will not be notified of underground oil and gas drilling under government proposals

Companies will be able to apply for planning permission to drill for oil or gas under people’s property without first notifying them, under government proposals to ease the consent process for oil and gas production.

Your chance to stop changes to the Town and Country Planning Act public consultation runs until Monday the 14th of October

Please respond to Government consultation

The Government is proposing to change the laws on the regulation of fracking.  They have a consultation on the proposed changes and we urge everyone to contribute saying they want the regulations tightened not relaxed.  You can do this at the following website:


The important section in the new proposals is in section 11 where they propose to

…remove (the) requirement for owners of land … where solely underground operations may take place (to be notified of the drilling beneath their land)

This means that if the fracking is happening beneath your house [or beneath a school or hospital] they do not need to tell you or anyone directly – it will be enough to let everyone know if they publish a notice in the local press and have a notice at the site itself.  The effect of these changes is simply to make it easier for the fracking companies to get their permissions.  Already we have seen a planning application at Balcombe nodded through due to insufficient awareness of what was happening.  It is essential that when companies intend to pump hazardous chemicals under your house and smash the rock formations, you should be informed so you are able to object.

Balcombe drilling stopped because Cuadrilla did not apply for the correct permissions.  Their reapplications would have to inform everybody concerned of where they intended to frack.

However, if the government make these proposed changes to planning, this would remove that demand. The Government seems bent on doing everything to help this dangerous industry.  Tell them you do not agree today!


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